Be Elite Basketball is a program dedicated to improving youth basketball players on and off the court.  Our mission is to prepare youth basketball players for high school/college basketball and to provide an intense, competitive environment for our players to improve.  BEB has built a reputation on teaching young players the importance of hard work in a practice setting, as well as instilling a passion for the game in each of our players and a willingness to improve their skills at home.

Become a playmaker

Learn how to be a playmaker at both ends of the court. You’ll study how to make plays that spark a run and change the tempo of the game, develop solid court vision so you can see a play as it develops, and understand spacing and how to find open teammates. You’ll also learn how to handle pressure with poise.

Communicate efficiently

Coaches always tell their players to communicate on the court, but what do they actually mean? At BEB, you’ll learn how to use “meaningful talk” when you step on the court and communicate to help your teammates play better. The more you can share timely and relevant information with your teammates, the better your team will be. It’s that simple. At BEB, we’ll teach you exactly what to say and how to say it.

Discover the habits of great players

A great player contributes to his team in many ways that the average fan, and even average player, never notices or thinks about. However, good coaches always notice the “little things” that great players do. At BEB, we’ll help you learn how to do those things so that coaches will say: “You can play!”

Make the most of your training

BEB will teach you how to use the hours you put in at the gym to make significant improvements that produce noticeable results. We’ll show you how to train smarter and harder so that your efforts pay off and how to “chunk” your training to improve faster. You’ll learn simple techniques that will help you to know that you’re improving, which will help you to build up your confidence and inspire you to train more.