Skill Development

Be Elite Basketball applies technical basketball instruction, intensive drill sequences and guided game situational play from the industry’s most proven coaches/ trainers. Athletes in our basketball skills academy will receive position-specific instruction, mental conditioning, speed training and ongoing analysis for continued improvement.To succeed in basketball, you need power, explosiveness and strength. But all these mean little without speed. You need more than just straight-line speed, though—basketball is played at all angles, and your speed should be developed with that in mind.

We serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and train players from 3rd grade through college/professional. We offer a variety of training services including Skills Academy, Small Group Training and Private Training.

Interested in developing a competitive edge?


Bring our trainers to your hometown to provide individual, group, or team training or schedule a mini-camp or clinic for your program and/or community, tailored to your needs. Contact Us today for rates and availability!

How You’ll Improve


Ball-handling, shooting form, rebounding, footwork and finishing skills


Reading a defense, managing fast breaks, creating your shot, floor spacing, 1-on-1 attacking and defense


Increase speed/agility, build explosive power, increase endurance and injury-prevention


Build mental discipline, player confidence, superior focus, game preparation and improved attitude


Scrimmages and in-game situational play against players of similar skill levels built into training program to test and improve your game


Increase your production on the court through position-specific drills Ball penetration, running a team as a point guard, post moves and more