About Us

Be Elite Basketball is about teaching, instilling and developing the habits that allow all our student-athletes to grow as people, students, and basketball players; it’s about the involvement of great people providing quality instruction, motivation, mentoring, feedback and a supportive environment that affords all who participate the opportunity to reach their individual best in sport and in life.

Be Elite Basketball, we take great pride in providing the highest quality experience, value and opportunities for amateur basketball players who are looking to advance to their next level of performance. BEB is focused on fundamentals and development of great people, great students and great athletes in that order. We are focused on teaching and instilling good habits that will carry with our student-athletes into their future in life, as well as, on the basketball court.

Our athletes will learn how to play smart, tough basketball. But more importantly, they’ll develop the DNA of a great player, including confidence, more effective communication and strong leadership practices. And that’s a gift for life.